AEG-Jackson trial DAY 11. Rehearsals with TRAVIS PAYNE: ‘He was very tired, all of us were’

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DAYS 10-11

May 13-14, 2009

There is so much going on around Michael Jackson now that it is difficult to follow each twist and turn of the AEG trial. But there is still a possibility to focus on some of its main issues. And one of the most crucial ones is whether Michael was or was not obliged to attend every rehearsal set by AEG.


Stacy Walker, Levi Walker Photography

Full testimony of Stacey Walker is here:

Both choreographers who testified for AEG – Stacey Walker and Travis Payne – confidently said that Michael was to attend the rehearsals with the rest of the company as per AEG schedule. Well, no one really expected any other answer from them. They were AEG employees and those who have chosen to testify for AEG too, so what else could they say?

However both of them also said that the…

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Michael Jackson Wrote “Do the Bartman”

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182004In the same way that action stars don’t do their own stunts and surrogate mothers don’t raise their own babies, singers often rely on other songwriters to provide the lyrics to their biggest hits. It’s never widely publicized who did the actual writing, and as we have mentioned before, sometimes it’s for good reason.

182015_v1The Simpsons has been on the air so long that some of you aren’t old enough to remember that at one time it was an absolute merchandising juggernaut. There was a span of a few years when you couldn’t leave the house without seeing Bart Simpson dolls, T-shirts, lunch boxes, video games, and, at the apex, a music video for a single called “Do the Bartman.” So what song writer was available in 1990 to put together that cash grab? Michael Jackson.
Here’s something cool you probably didn’t know about…

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News summary for week 4 of the AEG trial

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To recap a bit with the latest news from the AEG trial here is a  summary of ABC7 tweets from the courtroom on May 20-23, 2013. I hope there will be time in the future to analyze everything properly, so at the moment here is the short news only. Probably a little later some other information will be added to it.

It looks like it was really stormy weather there. There are lots of things to say here but let me point out only the following:

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I Sincerely Apologize

I haven’t been posting on MJJFN much due to many reasons, including a WiFi/Internet connection error. I will try to get the problem(s) fixed ASAP, so please sit tight. Thank you so much and I do really sincerely apologize for the inconveniences. Please understand that MJJFN is not the only thing I have to do — I’ve got a life behind the computer that needs to be attended to as well. I hope to have MJJFN more active as soon as possible.

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Taj Jackson Was Sexually Abused As A Child

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Taj confessed to being sexually abused on his Twitter account. Here are some screenshots. (The pictures are set up the way a Twitter timeline/feed appears if you were on someone’s profile.)


This is really heartbreaking, but I’m glad he’s standing up for his uncle.

I fully support anyone coming forward online speaking out and revealing that they have been molested before. Many of these victims are speaking against Robson, saying that this isn’t the way to seek justice against your abuser and many other things. I truly feel for you and wish you all the best.

**The tweet that was blacked out has nothing to do with this post.